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Question for Magic

that one was a doozy for me too, though I admit I had thought over the answer for myself before, I didn't know how to word it. And I really have an issue trying to explain it on this question thingee. So I think I'll take advantage of the fact that it would be easier to SHOW it. Basically the thing is, technically, things like televisions are keys to the vortron. Most keys are not let in. The only main ones that are let in are the brain and books, sort of. And Books have to fall under a certain criteria.

Its rather a technical process, thanks for the idea Bugle, now I have to write something up about it.

And ignore the two visitors for now. Don't ask why they showed up in this specific question. I just felt like goofing around and thought that they should help clarify the question a little bit.

I think I only succeeded in confusing MYSELF more. I've got a lot planned out for this comic. My brother tells me this all the time.

Got a question? Want to ask me and give me a couple months to answer it? Just check out Vortronics or Mail Me. Or comment below. One or the other or the other. They all work.
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