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More Questions. . .

Ok, the reason why I chose to answer this now is because it will also be answered here shortly within the comic, and I wanted to put it here before it was put there. (this question being asked did not influence the comic what so ever)

Got a question to ask any member of the Creature cast to be answered in a way that only they will answer? See previous post. It's all listed there.

PS - yes, this is a community. If you have an LJ and you want to join, or watch, or whatever you want to do, go ahead. You can even post here. That's why its a community. It just so happens that I put this kind of stuff here. HOwever, I would like to keep this Creature Oriented.

Thanks for checkin'!
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I was just curious and meant no offense. If it helps, Slash, I appologize.
Hehe, its just part of her personality. Its not her color that offends her, she's not ashamed of herself or anything like that, she just does not like to be called black. Period.

I'll let upcoming comics speak for themselves.